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The first Hagood Home rests among the moss covered oaks and towering pine trees of Barnwell, South Carolina. Built in 1841, it is still a living, breathing home filled with the spirit of inspiration. Jim Kenny’s great grandfather, Johnson Hagood, was the man responsible for the construction of the first Hagood Home. Jim and Troy Kenny continued the Hagood legacy by creating Hagood Homes, Inc. in 1996. Over the years, Jim instilled his love of quality craftsmanship in every Hagood Home, while Troy ensured that every Hagood design was a true original. The combination of inspiration, heart, and hard work over the next 25 years proved successful for Jim and Troy Kenny as they built a solid reputation for quality products and award-winning designs.

In 2021, Jim and Troy passed the baton to Patrick Kennedy, a colleague and friend who they trust to carry on their mission and beliefs. Patrick started with Hagood Homes in 2014, answering phones before putting his accounting degree to work as the company’s controller. He later earned his builder’s license, making him the natural choice to become Hagood Homes’ new owner.

Today, Jim and Troy remain active as advisors to the company, and Troy continues to serve as our home designer and inspiration. They both work alongside Patrick to maintain Hagood’s solid reputation and to guide the Hagood team to another 25 years of success.



Our mission is to build houses that become homes, to improve the communities we call home,
to improve the lives of our employees, trade partners and homeowners.

Meet the Team

Troy Kenny


Troy is the co-founder and creative powerhouse behind Hagood Homes. Her talents have won numerous Parade of Homes Awards and as well as the hearts of homeowners. Troy has also established her own company, Design House, and offers custom plans to individuals building outside of our communities.

Jim Kenny


As the founder of Hagood Homes, Jim has a long history of custom home building. For over thirty-one years he has been active in the local building industry. His approach to the homebuilding business has proven quite successful with several Parade of Home Gold Awards, newspaper recognition and most importantly of all, happy homeowners.

Patrick Kennedy


As president and owner of Hagood Homes, Patrick Kennedy leads our company and ensures that our clients Live Better. From his start answering phones, to putting his accounting degree to work as our controller to earning his Builders License, Patrick has helped our company succeed with his innovative thinking and leadership.

Patrick Wright

Sales Manager

Josh Adams

Sales Manager

Hannah Tew

Sales Professional

Nora Ruehle

Sales Professional

Selena Williams

Selection Coordinator

Ali Keene

Selection Coordinator

Kaitlyn Delong

Office Manager

Madison Grubb

Purchasing Manager

Edward Edmonds

Construction Manager

Robert Edmonds

Construction Manager

Ryan Edmonds

Construction Manager

Trey Edmonds

Construction Manager

Charles Grimm

Construction Manager

Mason Kendrick

Construction Manager

Jeff Jackson

Construction Manager

Brandon Kelly

Construction Manager

Dustin May

Construction Manager

Ben Newell

Construction Manager

Larry Putnam

Production Manager

William Hardgrove

Production Manager

Scot Stamey

Warranty Manager

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